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Nanook Doll Story

Juanita presenting Gov. Murkowski with handmade doll
Juanita with Gov. Murkowski
Doll artist Juanita Cowdery has created Nanook for Governor Frank and Mrs. Nancy Murkowski. This doll is custom designed and hand crafted in the honor and appreciation of the Murkowski's continuous service to one another, the State of Alaska, and its people.

Nanook is made from Juanita's own special porcelain mix. The doll is native and original with Alaskan furs and clothing. The style is from the Yupik Region of Alaska. The furs are hand sewn and the mukluk soles are made with ookruk.

Juanita is well known for her accomplishments and has many first place ribbons, trophies, people's choice awards, and the Bicentennial Award. Her dolls were shown in the Anchorage Museum, Hobby City Museum and The Daughters of the American Revolution presented Juanita's doll at Alaska's 96th National Convention in Washington D.C. in 1987.

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